‘I didn’t want to leave!’ by Carol Reed-Bishop

fullsizerenderIn November 2016 I spent 4 weeks on the Whale Shark project in the Maldives. The first two weeks in a small group of 3 volunteers and the second 2 weeks in a group of 7. Iru, Alex and Ed who help run the project, have an amazing passion for the it as well as extensive knowledge on whale sharks and marine life.

I have learnt so much in the last 4 weeks and experienced so many memorable things! Swimming with whale sharks and manta rays, sting rays and numerous colourful fish.


The whale sharks are incredibly peaceful and graceful fishes. To swim along side one for a long time was just amazing and I can’t find the words to describe the experience. I even learnt how to duck dive and photo bomb most pictures, by accident really !!!

I have not only learnt a lot but have made great friends. I really recommend  joining this project, the only real downside is coming home from paradise. I really miss the island life, my friends and the splendid sea life. I believe this experience has made me a better person and a lot more aware of how wonderful our world is. Thank you to Alex and Iru for showing me this.