Our Partners

From community partners to international NGOs and government agencies, we value collaboration and partnership to advance conservation efforts. Check out our network:


The Maldives Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA LogoThe EPA is the main legal regulatory body for marine research as part of the Maldivian Governments Ministry of Environment & Energy. Permission to conduct research within the Maldives must be obtained from the EPA when the research is undertaken in a protected area or on a protected species. It is the EPA that create Marine Protected Areas in the Maldives. All outputs from the MWSRP are presented to the EPA.


Maldives Marine Research Insititute

The MRC oversees all marine research conducted in the Maldives. By disseminating research output, the MRC helps create public awareness of the beautiful marine environment of the Maldives and provide information that government decision-makers need to create ways to best protect it. All outputs from the MWSRP are presented to the MRC.


Secret Paradise


Secret Paradise is an award winning, responsible and sustainable tour company based in the Maldives.


TME Retreats Dhigurah

TME logoWe are very lucky to have a partnership with TME Retreats Dhigurah. Located on the beautiful inhabited island of Dhigurah, South Ari Atoll, TME is a four-star luxury and stylish beach hotel with all modern conveniences. Designed for maximum privacy, the hotel is located a little bit away from the village, yet close enough to walk and enjoy the island lifestyle of Maldives. Just a few meters away from the white sandy beach with a length of more than 3 km, you can have all the relaxation and enjoyment at the beach.


”Learning in and from nature: Participating in our travel adventures provides you with a unique educational outdoor experience abroad. Don’t hesitate to contact us – step by step we guide you to the last wild places on earth”.

As passionate globetrotters, Natucate acknowledges the value of natural habitats and the preservation of our resources. They have established a more meaningful approach to travelling and the MWSRP is proud to work alongside them.