Our Partners

From community partners to international NGOs, we  value collaboration and partnership to advance conservation efforts. Check out our network:


The Maldives Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

EPA LogoThe EPA is the main legal regulatory body for marine research as part of the Maldivian Governments Ministry of Environment & Energy. Permission to conduct research within the Maldives must be obtained from the EPA when the research is undertaken in a protected area or on a protected species. It is the EPA who create Marine Protected Areas in the Maldives. All outputs from the MWSRP are presented to the EPA.


The Marine Research Center, Maldives (MRC) 

MRC LogoThe MRC oversees all marine research conducted in the Maldives. By disseminating research output, the MRC helps create public awareness of the beautiful marine environment of the Maldives and provide information that government decision makers need to create ways to best protect it. All outputs from the MWSRP are presented to the MRC.


Hubbs – Seaworld Research Institute

Hubbs-Seaworld LogoDr. Brent S. Stewart, Ph.D., J.D. is a Senior Research Scientist & Director of the institutes Ecology Program & Marine Vertebrate Ecology Laboratory and specialises in whale shark research. Brent was the first person to successfully complete a tagging study on whale sharks in the Maldives in 2008 / 2009 highlighting their movements within the archipelago and afar. Brent has served on the scientific advisory board of MWSRP for 6 years.


The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

IUCN LogoThe IUCN is one of the world’s largest conservation organisations. Famous for producing the annual ‘Red List’ of threatened species, this organisation works internationally to find pragmatic solutions to conservation challenges. Since 2012, the IUCN has supported the MWSRP through material and specialist assistance. As of August 2013, MWSRP & IUCN are running 3 collaborative projects involving whale sharks and wider conservation initiatives in the Maldives.



olympus-logo_blkWe are excited to announce a new partnership with OlympusUK, who have generously donated our in-field camera equipment, including the new TG-Tracker and the highly regarded Stylus TG-4. Olympus is a world renowned company dedicated to pursuing the highest performance and image quality from their cameras and lenses.


TME Retreats Dhigurah

TME logoWe are very lucky to have a partnership with TME Retreats Dhigurah, who provide us with fantastic accommodation and delicious food! Located on the beautiful inhabited island of Dhigurah, South Ari Atoll, TME is a four star luxury and stylish beach hotel with all modern conveniences. Designed for maximum privacy, the hotel is located a little bit away from the village, yet close enough to walk and enjoy the island lifestyle of Maldives. Just a few meters away from the white sandy beach with a length of more than 3 km, you can have all the relaxation and enjoyment at the beach.


The Travel Foundation

The Travel Foundation LogoThe Travel Foundation works to address the impact the travel industry has on sustainability around the world. Although small in size, they have a wide and influential reach. In 2011, the MWSRP & the Travel Foundation worked to produce a training course for whale shark tour operators. This has since been signed in as the official course of Mexico, where the famous Cancun aggregations are now a very large tourist draw.



Sea Kind

Sea KindThe MWSRP are proud to receive Alive Reef Safe Sunscreen donations from Sea Kind skin care. Sea Kind develops, manufactures, and sells personal and skin care products which use amazing organic ingredients from the sea. Their products are 100% natural, completely biodegradable , harvested sustainably , ecofriendly, made in the USA , and highly effective. Sea Kind believes in giving back in proportion to the natural resources they use. Since their products are powered by organic Marine Actives™ ingredients they feel ethically obligated to give back to the sea. They accomplish this by giving back 2% of our gross revenue to sea conservation, research and awareness organizations.