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Conservation through Research and Community Mobilisation

Who Volunteers?

A Quick Snapshot


Volunteers range from recent grads to retirees

When it first became clear that we needed volunteers to assist us in the research, we expected applications to come solely from recent university graduates or hardcore marine biologists. We couldn’t have been more wrong! It turns out that fun people with a sense of adventure, a willingness to work in vacation time and a sense of pride in contributing to conservation of the marine environment are to be found in all walks of life and at all ages.


A Global Team

After a great day on the reef, volunteers and MWSRP staff stop for a photo to capture the excitement.

Over 20 countries represented in our Alumni Network

Even though we are a UK-based charity, we are honored to host volunteers from around the globe. A majority of our volunteers in the past have come from Europe, with healthy representations from the UK and Switzerland. Some countries represented in the Alumni Network include Australia, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, the United States of America, UK, Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, Denmark, and Switzerland.



From farmhands to NASA scientists

We attract a diverse range of professionals and we try our best to utilise each and every skill set that comes our way. While the largest sector of volunteers are students (25%), we are privileged to attract professionals from nearly every sector from the humanities, private industry, and government. We have benefited from the dedication, enthusiasm, skills, and perspectives from each and every volunteer, no matter if they were a primary teacher, a pharmaceutical salesman, IT software developer, lawyer, financier, artist, doctor, fireman or scientist.