Ways to Stay Involved

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Now that you’re settled back at home, you might be thinking how can I stay involved? You are a part of the MWSRP family, which is growing each day. From local to global, we have volunteers all over the world and we’d love for you to continue your connections.

We’re always looking for ways our volunteer alumni can stay involved. We’re in the process of developing both informal and formal ways that you can continue your connection. For now, here are some ways to do your continued part in bringing whale sharks and marine conservation to the forefront:


Luke Turner, July 13 - 26 2014, Canada

      "Where to start? With not knowing what to expect, it’s not hard to exceed one’s expectations—but the past two weeks have blown whatever I had dreamed it would be out of the water. There really …

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Abraham Kang, June 2012, Singapore

My MWSRP Reflections: The decision to sign up for this program was quite a simple one. My parents were highly against any other programs involving man-eating animals (lions & great whites), so at first I thought …

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Janet Buckley, March 2013, Ireland

“The Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme (MWSRP) is a registered charity that exists to conduct whale shark research and to foster 'grass-roots' conservation initiatives within the Maldives and throughout the Indian Ocean…. Get involved….” I never …

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Ian Grist, Nov-Dec 2012, England

 "Volunteering with the MWSRP was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. I was lucky to encounter 11 whale sharks on my first day - exhausting and awesome at the same time! The …

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Karin Hug, January 2013, Switzerland

"I met so many wonderful people from around the world with different backgrounds. There was something we all had in common: the enthusiasm of being a member of the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme. I learned so …

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