4th International Whale Shark Conference Abstract

Author(s): James W. Hancock, Richard G. Rees, Tom K. Jenkins, Ibrahim Shameel, Katie Hindle, Irthisham Zareer, Giulia Donati, Alexandra Childs, Edgar F. Cagua
Keywords: IWSC4, whale shark, engagement, Big Fish Network, citizen science, technology, open data


The MWSRP was honoured to attend the 4th International Whale Shark Conference in Doha between 16-18 May 2016. Generously hosted by the state of Qatar, through the Ministry of Environment, and its partners Maersk Oil Qatar and the Qatar Whale Shark Research Project the event bought together over 100 whale shark researchers from across the planet to share knowledge and build future plans for conservation and research on this enigmatic species.

James Hancock presented on behalf of the MWSRP. The focus was on sharing the example of the MWSRP’s Big Fish Network and promoting how the use of open data and an incentive based approach to citizen science can reap benefits in terms of data return.

A copy of the MWSRP abstract can be found here; http://www.qscience.com/doi/pdf/10.5339/qproc.2016.iwsc4.21

All abstracts from presenters can be found here; http://www.qscience.com/toc/qproc/2016/2

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