Whale Shark Encounter Log Sheet

Author(s): Richard Rees
March 2014

A log sheet for Big Fish Network members to note down encounter information on the boat ready for entry into the online portal

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Low Genetic Differentiation across Three Major Ocean Populations of the Whale Shark, Rhincodon typus

Author(s): Schmidt, J et al.
PLoS ONE 4(4): e4988. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0004988
Keywords: Whale Shark, Rhincodon typus, Genetic differentiation, DNA, Population

An early contribution from MWSRP for a global level understanding of population dynamics in the whale shark. Abstract Background: Whale sharks are a declining species for which little biological data is available. While these animals are protected in many parts of their range, they are fished legally and illegally in some countries. Baseline biological and […]

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Analysis of Tide Data at Dhigurah in Relation to Predicted Tide Data at Male

Author(s): Neal Evans
MWSRP Internal Report, 24th October 2012
Keywords: Tidal cycle, Dhigurah, Republic of Maldives, comparison, Malé, minTIDE sensor,

As a tool for planning future whale shark fieldwork and sighting frequency correlations, the MWSRP utilising equipment donated by Valeport Ltd. aimed to conduct a detailed recording of the tidal cycle at Dhigurah island in South Ari atoll, Republic of Maldives and identify any correlation between the observed Dhigurah tides and the predicted tides at Malé, based […]

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2006 – 2008 Analysis of Whale Shark Aggregations in the Maldives

Author(s): Riley, M et al (2010)
Aquatic Biology, Vol. 8: 145 - 150, 2010
Keywords: Whale Shark, Rhincondon typus, Maldives Archipelago, Mark-recapture, Photo-identification

This is the first peer reviewed analysis paper that MWSRP produced, from observations during the early days of the Programme, 2006 – 2008. Our understanding has developed considerably since then, though some of the fundamental findings, specifically gender bias and average size remain remarkably close to the what we currently know with nearly 8 times […]

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A Quick Guide to the Whale Sharks of South Ari atoll Marine Protected Area, 2013 Edition

Author(s): Jim Hancock, Richard Rees, Katie Hindle, Neal Collins, Alissa Nagel
MWSRP Report, 2013 Edition
Keywords: South Ari MPA, Whale Shark, Guide

The MWSRP understand that the more you know about the world’s biggest fish, the more pleasure you will get from your whale shark experience. MWSRP have created a quick guide, covering some basic information on the current population size, gender bias and how to identify male or female whale sharks, average sizes, how to take identification […]

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MWSRP Megaufauna Sightings Report 2011 & 2012

Author(s): Richard Rees, James Hancock
Nature, vol 300, 21/06/2012, Ref FUIGYUBF77
Keywords: Megafauna, Maldives, South Ari MPA, Distribution, Abundance, Habitat Preference

Over two seasons in 2011 and 2012, the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme logged all sightings of marine megafauna during the course of their whale shark search transects within the South Ari atoll Marine Protected Area. The species, exact location and number of individuals were recorded at each encounter, with surface weather conditions being noted […]

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