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Conservation through Research and Community Mobilisation

Jobs & Internships

Job Opportunities


We do not have any openings at this time.

Post-Graduate Research Placements

In addition to our volunteer programme, we also offer a limited number of 3 month research placements for post-graduates. Candidates must be a minimum of MSc level. MWSRP will select the best candidates to explore either preset topics or viable (within the scope of our operation and survey transects) research proposals. Successful candidates selected by the MWSRP scientific advisory board will have access to the MWSRP dataset as well as carrying out field work in which to collect data themselves. Candidates must be able to cover their travel, visa and contribute towards living costs.  They must also be willing to assist the infield team as needed. For those without the means to travel to our study site there are often topics that can be explored remotely so please feel free to register your interest along with a CV and cover letter.

Opportunities for Maldivian Nationals


Paid Internships:

Each year we advertise a limited number of 3 month paid internship positions for Maldivian nationals. We are looking for young, enthusiastic Maldivians that are interested in learning more about marine sciences, conservation, and research. You might be a school leaver, you might be someone who is looking to switch careers. If you fit this description and would like to discuss the possibility of interning with us, please feel free to contact us. We will likely request a CV and cover letter from you so have these ready. Please note our paid internships are made possible through the generosity of sponsors and therefore do not follow a fixed schedule. If there are no internship openings we will likely refer you to our volunteer programme. See below.