Whale Shark Info Podcast!

We are pleased to share this charmingly informal but informative and well researched podcast on whale sharks, which covers all the basics (and then some!) of whale shark biology, ecology and conservation!

The work of (soon to be Dr.) Angie Adkin and Dr. Chris Mortensen, both affiliated with the University of Florida, this is one of a series of podcasts. Each podcast focuses on one specific endangered animal and aims to make animal conservation more accessible and understandable to the general public.

If you’re keen to learn more about whale sharks and prefer the podcast style for absorbing information, then this is the link for you! And for any future MWSRP volunteers out there and reading this – this would make idea airport waiting time listening during your journey out to us!

Marie has very generously given MWSRP a shout out for our work in this episode. We hope you enjoy this one and support their positive contribution to animal science and conservation in the future too.

The website link, which also contains written information on the species can be foundĀ here and an iTunes version can be found here