Introducing ZuBlu – A New Conservation Focused Dive Travel Platform!

We’re delighted to introduce you to ZuBlu – a new dive travel platform that provides SCUBA divers with a simple yet intuitive way to discover exciting dive experiences across Asia.

With a strong ethos for conservation and sustainability, ZuBlu is a fantastic portal to not only discover exceptional dive destinations and eco-friendly resorts but also volunteering and citizen-science opportunities such as our very own MWSRP expedition, #WSX2019.

ZuBlu, was co-founded by Adam Broadbent, who first travelled to the Maldives way back in 2004 and worked alongside MWSRP co-founder Jim Hancock at the Four Seasons properties. As a former photographer with Scubazoo, a Sabah-based underwater production company, Adam travelled all over Asia exploring incredible destinations. After a few years back in the UK helping develop bespoke trading platforms for financial services companies, Adam teamed up with Matt Oldfield, another former Scubazoo member, to combine all their knowledge and experience into ZuBlu’s powerful search tool.

ZuBlu’s platform is built around a unique search tool designed to match a guest’s preferences with an ideal destination. Adam explains “the concept of the ZuBlu platform arose from a desire to give guests the ability to easily discover new destinations and experiences. We take their choices – what species they would like to see and when they would like to travel – and match them with the most suitable destinations. If our guests want to dive with whale sharks, ZuBlu can help get them to the right place at the right time.”

ZuBlu ensures conservation and sustainability are at the heart of its business. Each resort listing displays an ‘at-a-glance’ summary of sustainable practices, as well as information about conservation activities. And as part of its commitment to the environment, ZuBlu donates a percentage of revenue to local conservation organisations. “By linking conservation and dive travel, we believe ZuBlu can make a significant positive impact in the destinations we feature. We place the emphasis on sustainability and conservation, helping our guests to make a more informed choice about where they should travel,” said Matthew Oldfield, ZuBlu co-founder.

With more and more travellers seeking eco-tourism, sustainable travel and citizen-science opportunities, ZuBlu is a great source of inspiration for your next marine adventure. Divers and snorkelers as a whole are very sensitive to changes and problems in the marine environment – particularly the extremely obvious issue of plastic waste in the water – and although there are many dive resorts and operators that are trying to do what they can to reduce their environmental footprint, and incorporate more sustainable practices into their business models, there is actually very little information out there about what is going on. ZuBlu aims to fill this gap by highlighting what different resorts are actually doing and thus giving guests the ability to vote with their wallets – if you want to help support a more sustainable dive travel industry, either join citizen-science expeditions or book your dive trip to a resort that is doing something for the environment. Every little bit helps and travellers can now do what they can to ensure their travels are as sustainable as possible.

Hilltop view of the ocean, Bodgaya Island, sky, clouds, coral reef, lagoon, and the yacht Raja Laut, from the top of a hill on Bohey Dulang Island, Bohey Dulang Island, Sabah, Malaysia.

Currently the ZuBlu platform features dive destinations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and the Maldives, with new destinations being unveiled in the coming months. The company works with a carefully chosen selection of partner resorts and dive operators, all with high standards of customer service, established safety records and a commitment to the environment.

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